Electronic Data Magnetics, Inc.

is a manufacturer of technically advanced printed products used in a variety of markets. These markets include Airlines, Mass Transit Agencies, Toll Roads, Parking Institutions, Betting Slips, printing for US GPO, Tabulating Cards and RFID Tags. EDM was formed in July of 1983 by H. Richard Hallman and other former employees of National Electronic Computer Supplies, Inc. (NECS). NECS was a manufacturer of computer tabulating cards, better known as IBM data processing cards. Originally incorporated as Southeastern Data Media, Inc., EDM changed its name to Electronic Data Magnetics, Inc. in July of 1983 when Amico Inc. was acquired.

Beginning in 1985 EDM began a product diversification program in anticipation of a declining market for Tabulating Cards. The diversification program included plans to produce other Specialty Card Products, Business Products and Magnetic Stripe Products. In 1986, EDM acquired the assets of Magnetronics International, LTD. This gave EDM its' entrance into markets using magnetically striped products. EDM has evolved over the years acquiring many procedures, philosophies, personnel, test equipment and presses in an effort to achieve state of the art production capabilities. We feel these acquisitions have enabled EDM to provide our customers with the service and products that they demand and deserve. All this is coupled with a research and development department, which is invaluable in regard to penetration of new markets and providing answers to complex issues. EDM has in many cases educated our customers with regard to realistic and accurate specifications. EDM has even helped rewrite and modify customers' specifications in order to provide more reliable and workable products. EDM would love an opportunity to work with your company and provide you