Various options for security exist and are available to our customers The options vary in their cost as well as effectiveness.

Security Features List

How does one stay ahead of potential counterfeiting? Variations in foil color, pattern and location on the ticket along with hidden security features are foil techniques used to add security to your fare media. Holographic foils come in four basic options: Color, Standard 2D/3D Patterns, Security Foils or a Custom Designed pattern. Once a foil is chosen, altering the shape and location of the foil will enhance the effectiveness of the security. Holographic Foil is a highly effective security measure.

Thermo-chromic inks

Thermo-chromic Inks are inks that change color with changes in temperature. While not as common as the holographic foil option, it is very difficult to counterfeit. The inks have the ability to change from one color to another with either small or large changes in temperature. Human body heat can change an area on the card from blue to yellow for example. Thermo-chromic inks offer absolute authentication providing excellent security.

Metallic Inks

Metallic Inks are comparable to a colored foil in their most basic form. Recently, metallic inks have been combined with transparent PMS colors to create vibrant images that are both “flat” and “metallic” together. Images can be manipulated so that only a portion of the graphic is metallic creating various effects. Software for both designers and converters is available in the market place. The printing of metallic inks provides an adequate security feature.

Pattern Varnish

The use of a pattern varnish is a common practice. It is the least expensive security option available. It has a reflective quality when viewing the ticket from an angle not seen from a “direct on” view. A varnish can be changed as easily as the text on the back of the card. A varnish can give the effect of raised areas on the card. The ability to use a pearlescent varnish is also available. This type of varnish can reflect different colors when viewed at different angles. Varnishes offer effective security features.

UV Black Light Additive

This is a commonly used security feature. UV Black light additive can be added to the varnish or a particular ink used on a ticket. When viewed under a black light, the additive will fluoresce with a purple glow. Requiring a black light flash light, this feature is used on more expensive fare media.

Security Papers

Security papers are also available. These papers can incorporate various features for counterfeit detection. These papers are commonly used in checks and documents that require some type of authentication. EDM is not aware of any direct thermal paper created from a security paper.