Inventory Program

EDM offers inventory services for our customers. Inventory programs are a win-win for EDM and our customers! Agencies with little space can order in large quantities and inventory the product with EDM. This allows for greater production efficiencies and results in lower costs for you! We can create a reporting program specific to your needs as well.

Magnetic Card Encoding

A service that has set EDM apart from our competitors over the decades is magnetic card encoding!  Having the ability to provide encoding services makes EDM a “Full Service” provider for the transportation market.  EDM has encoded nearly one billion cards in the last ten years!  We have the expertise and equipment to accurately and efficiently encode your magnetic media to work with any system. 

RFID Programming Initialization

When the transportation market started shifting towards RFID, EDM moved right along with it regarding our ability to program smart cards! Investing in outside purchase or engineering a better production method ourselves, EDM has the equipment and personnel to program your RFID media. Key-exchange ceremonies, encryption and secure transfer of information are all part of the process at EDM.

Graphics Design Services

EDM has viewed designs from all over the United States and around the world. We have seen Youth passes, Adult passes, Senior passes and Student passes in all shapes and sizes. We have seen Stored Ride and Stored Value passes… Weekly and Monthly passes, 31 Day and 10 ride passes… We understand that the design need to convey “Usage Instructions”, terms and conditions as well as the pass type. “Insert this end” along with designs using arrows are common. Use our experience and exposure to the multitude of designs to help you.